Rules, Licenses, and Possiblities

The intent is to help a lot of people and to keep the rules simple.


1. I claim all the protections available through copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property for this website and the teaching materials (foam atoms, apparatus, etc) described in this site.

2. I license any one who wishes to help students understand to use the ideas and the teaching materials from this website to use them in not-for-profit ways. However by sure to give credit to me and to include the URL for the website as part of your reference.

3. Anyone (person or company) who wants to make money through use of the ideas and/or the teaching materials needs an explicit license from me. I will probably want a cut.


In return for the permissions described above, every user should consider that they have joined a community of teachers. The possiblilities are enormous: more kids might understand fundamentals of chemistry. The obligations are not very onerous: every member of the community is expected to help make things better for other members. That might mean sending an email to tell the author about things that are unclear or just don't work. It might mean sending lessons plans to be posted -- with credit/ownership to you -- so that others can benefit from your talents. The possibilities are limited by your ideas. Pretty good deal, right?



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